In 1925, newly graduated from the renowned École Boulle school of fine and applied arts and craft, Émile Tisserant took part in the Arts Décoratifs exhibition, where he was among the prize-winners. He founded his own business a few years later, right at the height of the Art Deco style, collaborated with Ruhlmann, and had a hand in producing the luminaires for the liner Normandie.

In the 1970s, his son Bernard Tisserant became the standard-bearer of good taste and strictness, choosing to concentrate more on reproduction chandeliers and restoration work. He too is a graduate of the École Boulle, and has been the Chairman of the Bronze jury for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen in France) competitions during 15 years.

The company is run today by its founder’s grandson, Antoine Tisserant, who has enhanced the collection with several hundred new models. Never afraid to employ new technologies, he was one of the first to use LEDs in high-class luminaires – like the lantern with rock-crystal doves, produced in partnership with Pierre-Yves Rochon for the “Grand Hotel” in Cap Ferrat.

The 4th generation: Marie and Pierre Tisserant, prepare themselves, train themselves so that this beautiful story is part of the continuity.